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*Admins are required to have a minimum of 10 hours played on our servers (you will be automatically be given "Trusted User" rank)
Some sort of VIP rank is recommended, as it shows a vested interest in our community, but by no means is it a requirement.

Steam name:
Time on server:
Are you 14yrs or older:
Are you willing to partake in a discord interview:
What is your rank on our server: (Must be at least "Trusted User" (10hrs on server)
Have you fully read our MOTD:
What is your level on our servers: 
Describe your contributions to our community:

Have you ever been banned on any AG servers:
If yes, describe your ban history. This is seldom a disqualifier, as most long-term community members usually have a history.

Most players have a warn history, briefly describe yours:

Have you ever been banned on any other server for admin abuse:
If yes, describe what happened.

Have you ever been an admin in DarkRP before:

Why should you be considered for admin:

Additional comments:


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