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Title: Mod Application
Post by: DEVGRUGaming on January 11, 2021, 10:09:41 PM
Steam name:DEVGRU Gaming
Time on server:3hrs?
Are you 16yrs or older:yes
Are you willing to partake in a discord interview:yes
What is your playtime? (Minimum of 60 hours) almost 100 hrs
Have you fully read our MOTD: yes i have
Describe your contributions to our community: Well ive helped alex blacklist some items that shouldnt be allowed and offered to show alex some workshop items that could be added.

Have you ever been banned on any AG servers:no
If yes, describe your ban history. This is seldom a disqualifier, as most long-term community members usually have gotten in some trouble.

Most players have a warn history, briefly describe yours: I have only 1 warn on zephyr rp but it is being removed due to an incompetent admin.

Have you ever been banned on any other server for admin abuse: Never have Never will.
If yes, describe what happened.

Have you ever been an admin/moderator in DarkRP before: Yes once

Why should you be considered for moderator: Well I really enjoy the community and i want to watch it grow as prosper. Without minges/trolls of course.

Additional comments:
Title: Re: Mod Application
Post by: Alex on January 12, 2021, 06:40:45 PM
I'd play the server a bit more to be considered; we want people to be at least "Trusted Member" (10hrs) to be considered for moderator.
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